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Denon DP-47F Fully Automatic Turntable

Denon DP-47F Fully Automatic Turntable

NEWLY SERVICED!!! New Nichicon capacitors, cleaned potentiometers and switches, all essential moving parts like the motor and tone arm have been lubricated, the speed has been set using an oscilloscope, and the variable resistor voltages have been set to Denon technical specifications. It has been thoroughly tested and all of the functions (repeat, lift, speed, start/stop, auto speed and size detection) have been confirmed. The Dynamic Tracer Tone Arm is very smooth, drops/lifts the needle, and adjusts with ease. The tone arm is smooth and all the buttons/control buttons operate perfectly (see video of functions in use).


The cartridge included with the table is the Denon DL-80MC, which is the cartridge that was specifically for this table and this one sounds exceptional. It also comes with a Denon 45 adapter.

Cosmetically, it is not the perfect. There is a small piece of veneer missing on the front left corner and there are indentations in the face plate and plinth on the right side (see pictures documenting it). The dust cover is original has been buffed and polished with only small signs of wear and use. There platter has been polished with only small signs of pitting (see pictures). The cosmetic blemishes mentioned in no way affect the turntables function and operation.


Function Check:
Auto Start: Confirmed
Stop: Confirmed
Auto Return: Confirmed
Repeat: Confirmed
Locate (Both Ways): Confirmed
Forward 33 & 45: Confirmed
Lifter: Confirmed
Sound output: Confirmed
Anti-Skate: Confirmed
Q-Damping: Confirmed


Denon 45 Adapter


Not included:
120v to 100v step down transformer (This turntable is a 100v model. To insure proper function and longevity of the circuitry, a step down transformer is extremely recommended.)


    Item is sold as is, no refunds or returns unless the item arrives in a condition other than displayed in listing pictures/video.


    The turntable will be shipped double boxed. The platter, mat, counterweight, and 45 adapter will be removed and secured seperately within the shipping box. The tone arm will also be secured for shipment.


    Here's a VIDEO showcasing the turntable in action!!

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