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The Owner and His Story

As a young toddler, barely learning to walk, my father would play the hits of the time like Level 42's "World Machine" or "Guaranteed." Those discs were spun on the amazing Denon DP-60L. As I grew older, the records sat up on the shelf as my sisters and I were at the age where we touched literally everything and Dad didn't want his precious DP-60L to have something horrible happen to it. Many years later, Dad upgraded his stereo and after much persuasion, and encouragement, he got his turntable back out so he can enjoy his records on his new stereo. Shortly after I bought him a copy of The Rippingtons "Tourist in Paradise" on LP. This moment opened my eyes that it is more than just listening to a vinyl record, it is an experience.

It's the intent listening to the sound stage, reading the record notes off the record sleeve, and the joy of just listening to music the way that it was intended to be. My father bought me my first record: "Don't Look Back" by Boston (original pressing). Listening to that album on my father's DP-60L was an amazing experience. That experience led to me buying my first record, an original copy of Boston's debut self-titled album. The collection grew rapidly until it became apparent I needed and wanted a turntable of my own. Unfortunately, none of the new tables that were out on the current market didn't fit what I wanted in a turntable. Things like: direct drive, auto lift at the end, a nice solid plinth, and none of the models had those things. It became clear... I wanted my own DP-60L. After much looking and a couple months had passed, to my surprise, under the Christmas tree, I got my own Denon DP-60L.

Record after record, it played continuously all of my favorites: Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Boston, The Rippingtons, Scorpions, the list goes on and on. Time came to service the turntable, and while servicing it I learned the importance of having these vintage turntables serviced. One simple part had failed causing my precious DP-60L remain sidelined.

Shortly after that sad day, I upgraded my daily spinner to a Denon DP-67L (the same as the DP-72L). This upgrade and unfortunate injury to my 60L was the beginning of the quest of what P2 Turntables is today. With the wisdom of a loving father who passed on his passion for these Denon turntables, we wanted to keep these beautiful machines up and running for future generations to enjoy.

Each turntable that enters and leaves the shop is given the same exact treatment: with the care, love, and attention as if it was our personal daily spinner. From the arrival, to the servicing, to the packaging for shipment, we take pride in our work and don't send it out without the final stamp of approval.

The mission of P2 Turntables is simple: keep the classics alive for generations to come. Just like my father shared his passion for Denon turntables with me, I pour my passion into each turntable so that others may enjoy and feel that same passion as well.

The love for these turntable is strong, there's a reason why these tables are so sought after; it's because today, they don't make them even close to what they use to be. We hope that you will feel the love that's poured into these gorgeous tables, that it will bring you the same joy and experience as it brought me listening to Boston on LP for the first time, and ultimately join the amazing Denon Family.

Enjoy spinning those discs!!

All the best!

Parker P.


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